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Kennel Technician

Lauren always had pets while growing up, but she hadn’t considered veterinary care as a career option until her days working on a fire detail in California. When she came across an abandoned dog and set about rescuing and re-homing him, she felt something click. Lauren knew that she wanted to work hands-on with pets as an animal-care professional!

Lauren is originally from California and also lived on the East Coast before relocating to the Las Vegas area in 2015. She joined the team here at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital that December, and is thrilled to continue her journey in pet care as a member of the hospital family. She serves as a Kennel Technician, and her favorite part of the job is the constant learning experience that it provides.

Outside of work, Lauren likes to travel and especially enjoyed her recent trip to London, England. At home, she lives with one pet of her own: a clever and loveable Australian sheep dog.

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Kennel Technician

Danise was born in Detroit, Michigan, but moved to California with her family at a young age. There, she grew up with pets by her side constantly—her mother even bred pit bulls, and it wasn’t difficult for Danise to develop a passion for animal care! Now, she’s proud to help pets professionally as a member of the Creature Comforts Animal Hospital care team.

Danise joined the hospital family after hearing about an open position from a neighbor of hers. She serves the pets and animal parents of the area as a Kennel Attendant, and her favorite part of the job is getting to meet a variety of different pet personalities every day. She particularly likes taking dogs for walks and exploring their many fun quirks!

Danise’s interests outside of work also involve pets; she’s very passionate about dog training and dog rescue. At home, she has a pit bull named Indica, a tiny Chihuahua who goes by Lily, and a pair of snapping turtles who love climbing out of their tank and hiding in corners of the house.

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Kennel Technician

Emari has wanted to care for others as a nursing professional ever since she was three years old. As she got older, her fascination with animals entered into the picture. Why not make a difference in the lives of others while satisfying her love of pets, Emari thought, by working in the veterinary world?

Emari is originally from Oakland, California but has lived in Nevada since she was 10 years old. She was 21 when she applied at the PIMA Medical Institute’s Veterinary Assistant program to study veterinary technology—she’s happy to supplement her studies with real-world experience here at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital! She’s served as a member of the clinic’s kennel staff since August of 2017.

Away from work, Emari enjoys playing and watching tennis and basketball; she even made it to the regional championships with her tennis partner during her final two years of high school! Emari also likes spending time with her own pets at home. She has five adult Cichlid fish and a bearded dragon, Letticia, who loves eating mangoes and going on adventures in the car.

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Veterinary Technician-in-training

Although Maria had always adored animals, it wasn’t until she began her veterinary studies in college that she knew she had found her calling. Before long, she was hooked—Maria hasn’t looked back since, and is proud to now help pets of all shapes and sizes as a member of Creature Comforts Animal Hospital’s care team!

Born in California, Maria grew up here in Las Vegas and attended the College of Southern Nevada to study animal care. She joined the Creature Comforts Animal Hospital family on the recommendation of a friend, and is now training on the job to become a Veterinary Technician!

Aside from her interests in the world of veterinary medicine, Maria loves making art (she even runs a small business to sell her work!) and spending time with her family and pets at home. She shares her life with two rescued rabbits, Sophie and Elly; a Chihuahua mix and a Shih Tzu mix; and a trio of loveable guinea pigs named Nina, Lilly, and Lina.

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Kennel Technician

Kayleigh can’t remember a time when she didn’t adore animals—she would constantly try and bring home any stray critter she came across, much to her mother’s dismay! Her fascination simply didn’t waver. For Kayleigh, working hands-on with the pets of Las Vegas is a dream come true.

Originally from Arizona, Kayleigh works as a Kennel Technician here at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital and makes it her mission to treat each and every visiting pet as if they were her very own. One of her favorite parts of the job is the great variety of breeds and animal personalities she gets to meet—no two shifts are ever quite the same!

At home, Kayleigh has one pet of her own: Joker, a mischievous dog who has even learned how to roll down the car windows.

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Reception Supervisor

There weren’t pets in Coral’s family home during her time growing up in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota—she suspects that this only made her want them more. Coral has been working in the veterinary field since she was 18 years old! She’s proud to now care for the pets and animal owners of Las Vegas as Critter Care Animal Hospital’s Reception Supervisor.

Coral first started working in an animal hospital in 2004, then transitioned to an emergency facility where she continued to learn and grow as a veterinary professional. She would remain at the emergency hospital for 11 years before deciding to make a change—Coral joined the Critter Care Animal Hospital family in March of 2017. That June, she became Reception Supervisor! Coral is particularly fond of the rescue work she and the clinic team have done. Most of all, she loves to build relationships with the pet owners of Las Vegas and meet new animal companions every day.

At home, Coral and her two young children share their lives with Jenny, an aging pit bull who loves to wait patiently at the dinner table for scraps. As a family, they love going on fun vacations together—their favorite spot of all time is Disneyland!

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Licensed Veterinary Technician

As a child, Janna attracted sick, injured, or stray animals like a magnet. She brought home as many as she possibly could, doing her absolute best to nurse them back to full health. It was her early experiences bettering the lives of pets, including her eye-opening trips to the local veterinarian’s office, that led her to one conclusion: the veterinary field was the perfect choice! Now, Janna helps pets daily as a Licensed Veterinary Technician.

Janna was born in California but has lived in Vegas for more than two decades. She was only 16 years old when she first started volunteering at an animal hospital, getting her foot in the door of the veterinary profession. She was hired on at another pet clinic at the age of 19, then proceeded to attend Veterinary Technician school at the College of Southern Nevada. Janna graduated in the spring of 2015 and launched her career in private practice—after some time working in the emergency animal-care world, she was happy to join Creature Comforts Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Technician team in April of 2018.

Away from the office, Janna enjoys hiking, dancing, traveling, and going to the lake with her dogs. She shares her life with two canine companions—Rowan, a loveable Border Collie mix, and an excitable Chihuahua named Primrose—as well as a calico cat named Rouge, an extremely shy cat who goes by Salem, and Gryffindor the orange rabbit.

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Licensed Veterinary Technician

Angella can’t remember a time when she wasn’t obsessed with the well-being of animals. She always had pets growing up, and she didn’t take their constant, loving companionship for granted. For Angella, being able to give something back as a veterinary professional is a dream come true!

Angella has lived here in Las Vegas for nearly 25 years, and worked for a short time in the retail industry before a friend encouraged her to fill out an application at a local animal hospital. Angella was hired on the spot, and she hasn’t looked back since. Now, she’s a Licensed Veterinary Technician and has enjoyed 13 fulfilling years in the animal-care field! Angella was thrilled to join the Creature Comforts Animal Hospital family in April of 2018—her favorite part of her work is the variety that every day brings. Never knowing exactly what might walk through the doors next is a great way for her to stay on her toes!

In her time away from work, Angella enjoys cooking, trying out new vegetarian recipes, and doting on her own pets at home. She shares her life with a well-behaved and affectionate dog, Lylah, as well as a four loveable cats.

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Kennel Technician

Along with her mother and siblings, Geneyce shares her home with two dogs, a pair of turtles, and six guinea pigs—she knows firsthand how much joy our animal companions bring! For her, getting to give something back as part of a team of veterinary professionals is the ultimate reward. Geneyce is a proud member of Creature Comforts Animal Hospital’s kennel team.

Geneyce is originally from San Bernardino, but moved here to Las Vegas with her family several years ago. As soon as she was old enough, she decided to start working hands-on with animals—that’s when she joined the Creature Comforts Animal Hospital family as a Kennel Technician. Geneyce makes it her mission to help walk, groom, bathe, and feed each and every canine visitor as if they were her very own!

In her time away from work, Geneyce loves to play volleyball, spend time with family and friends, and tend to her own animal companions at home. Along with her turtles and guinea pigs, she has two dogs: Indika, a Pitbull, as well as an adorable Chihuahua named Lily.

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Kennel Technician

Cody was born and raised here in Las Vegas, where she developed an adoration for animals of all types early on in life. She shared her childhood years with everything from cats and dogs to lizards and birds. For Cody, helping to care for others’ companions as a veterinary team member just makes sense—it’s her way of giving something back to the pets who have given her so much!

Cody joined the Creature Comforts Animal Hospital family in May of 2018, and tends to the hospital’s boarding pets as a member of the kennel team. She’s thrilled to gain hands-on experience in the world of professional animal care, and hopes to use her skillset to become a Veterinary Technician in the future! Cody especially likes to meet a variety of different dog personalities, and she loves to work hands-on with spunky cats; for her, building relationships with the area’s pets is the ultimate reward.

When she isn’t bettering pets’ lives here at the hospital, Cody likes fishing, spending time with family, and doting on her own pets at home. She and her family have two dogs—including Louie, Cody’s own dog who doesn’t let his advancing age slow him down in the least—as well as six lizards and a frog.

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Amber has always been passionate about helping others through the power of medicine—before entering the veterinary world, she served in the human healthcare field for 15 years! When the opportunity arose to serve pets and their owners in the world of veterinary medicine, Amber couldn’t pass up the chance. Now, she’s a part of Creature Comforts Animal Hospital’s talented reception team.

Amber is a Baltimore, Maryland native and moved to Las Vegas a few years ago. She spent the majority of her career working with human patients in trauma situations, urgent care, and primary care, then decided to make a change. That’s when she dove headfirst into the world of veterinary medicine—Amber signed on here at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital and has been helping the area’s pets and owners ever since.

At home, Amber and her fiancé, Patrick, share their home with their young son, Jameson. When she isn’t spending quality time with her family or caring for others here at the hospital, Amber likes crafting, couponing, and playing video games. She even met her fiancé through her love of gaming!

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Veterinary Assistant

Ally was born and raised in Brazil, where her mother bred English cocker spaniels. Ally was always around to help the dogs when they weren’t feeling well, and she developed a natural inclination for animal care early on in life. Ever since she can remember, Ally has wanted to serve pets and their owners as a veterinary professional!

Ally’s animal-care journey began in her teenage years, when she started helping the house-call veterinarian that her mother used in Brazil. Shortly after moving to the United States, Ally signed on at the Las Vegas Animal Shelter as a Kennel Technician, and later was promoted to a Veterinary Assistant position. Now, she’s a Veterinary Assistant with the Creature Comforts Animal Hospital team and couldn’t be happier! Ally is particularly fond of observing surgeries and getting to see unique medical procedures on a regular basis.

An animal-lover through and through, Ally has quite the menagerie of pets at home. She lives with a young Neapolitan Mastiff, a Labrador mix, and an American bulldog. Ally also shares her life with a wide variety of snakes, lizards, invertebrate creatures, and farm animals like chickens, ducks, and quail.

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Jade didn’t own pets while growing up because of persistent childhood allergies, but she always knew that she wanted to one day work hands-on with animals. Her dream never wavered! Now, Jade gets to care for pets of all shapes and sizes as a member of the Creature Comforts Animal Hospital family.

Jade grew up in Okinawa, Japan thanks to her father’s military career, and lived there for 12 years before relocating to the United States with her family. She joined the Creature Comforts Animal Hospital team in the spring of 2017 on a personal reference from a co-worker. Jade serves as one of the hospital’s receptionists, and her favorite part of the job is building relationships with the pets and animal owners of Las Vegas on a daily basis.

Jade spends most of her free time enjoying the company of her family and pets. She has two wonderful children, Carisa and JC, as well as four dachshunds: Bella, Tori, Asia, and Kiki.

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Veterinary Assistant

Growing up in Indiana, Christine and her family kept dogs, cats, and exotic pets; it wasn’t hard for her to develop a love for all animals early on in life. As she grew up, Christine’s career choice became obvious: the veterinary profession was the perfect fit!

Christine’s veterinary career began in North Carolina at a small animal clinic, where she learned the basics of her profession. After working at a kennel in Las Vegas for a few months, she arrived here at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital in February of 2014.

Having always been fascinated by science, Christine loves the laboratory side of her work. Running bloodwork and other lab tests is very enjoyable for her, and she’s also fond of performing challenging blood draws. More than anything, though, Christine loves returning a happy, healthy animal to a grateful pet owner—having the opportunity to improve the lives of pets and people every day is something that Christine considers a true honor!

In her free time, Christine loves taking her own dogs, Spade and Diamond, for walks in the park. She also enjoys hiking and training her dogs to be on their best behavior.

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Denise has adored the company of animals ever since she can remember, and always wanted to give something back in order to make a difference in the lives of pets. She gets to do just that as a member of the Creature Comforts Animal Hospital team!

Denise is a native of California, and began her veterinary journey there as a receptionist and accountant at a local animal hospital. In early 2001, she was looking for a house here in Las Vegas and happened to pass Creature Comforts Animal Hospital. Denise remembers pointing at the building and proclaiming that she wanted to work here! Two days later, she was hired as a receptionist and has been here ever since.

In her free time, Denise enjoys swimming in her pool, exercising, and spending time with her wonderful grandchildren. She lives with an Australian shepherd mix named Astro and an orange and white tabby cat, Zsa Zsa, who loves sleeping in Denise’s bed.

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Licensed Veterinary Technician and Treatment Supervisor

Ever since she was a little girl, Jen has tried to save every creature that crossed her path. She was always pulling creatures out of her family pool, and saved everything from stray house pets to insects. Jen has worked in the animal care field since she was 17 years old!

A Las Vegas native, Jen started her animal care career at a local clinic before attending college in southern California. After school, she worked in various practices before becoming a stay-at-home mother for several years. When she decided to rejoin the workforce, Jen came in for an interview here at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital. She’s served as the clinic’s Head Veterinary Technician since the spring of 2005!

Jen considers dentistry work one of the most important parts of her job. She finds it incredibly rewarding to spruce up a pet’s dirty mouth, and is often able to get a pet to eat again just by performing a single dental cleaning!

Jen has two children, Baylee and Brenden, as well as a pit bull named Axle and a pair of pet frogs. In her time away from the clinic, Jen enjoys riding her motorcycle, camping, and spending time with her family and pets.

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Julie had worked for other veterinary clinics in various states before joining the Creature Comforts Animal Hospital team. None compared to the high-quality care and compassionate staff that she found here! Julie has served as one of the clinic’s receptionists since August of 2001.

Around the clinic, Julie loves working alongside her fellow staff members as part of a well-functioning team. She’s particularly fond of interacting with loving pet owners, and always enjoys greeting a new face. Talking with clients who own desert tortoises is a special favorite of hers!

At home, Julie lives with several pets of her own. She has a dog, Carlin, as well as a cockatiel named Ricky. The animal family is rounded out by six cats: Autumn, Maestro, Ester, Scarlet, Tiger Lilith, and Mama.

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Before she worked at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital, Karen was a client and brought her own pets here for quality care. She was so impressed with the service she received that she thought she’d apply for a job! Now Karen helps pets and their owners every day as one of the clinic’s receptionists.

Karen grew up in rural Hawaii, where her pet care career began. Since she’d always loved the Southwest, she moved to Nevada to continue her journey in the veterinary profession. Karen’s favorite part of her job is meeting new clients and pets; sharing great pet stories makes every day enjoyable!

A true pet lover, Karen has many animals of her own at home—her furry family consists of a variety of dogs,cats, and guinea pigs! She regularly participates in agility training and nose work with her dogs, and also enjoys reading when she has free time.

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Veterinary Technician

Lisa comes from a family of caregivers—her mother was a registered nurse, and her sister attended school to become a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit. Lisa’s own nurturing side always tended to lean toward the animal side of the spectrum, and now she enjoys caring for pets every day as a Veterinary Technician!

Lisa’s veterinary career began in 1997, when she started working in the kennel of a local clinic. She had worked with Dr. Gorman before Creature Comforts Animal Hospital was founded, and when the hospital opened for business, Lisa was more than happy to join the team. She’s been a part of the Creature Comforts family since 2000. Medically, performing diagnostic tests is one of Lisa’s favorite parts of the job. Putting the puzzle pieces together to form a full picture isn’t just a lot of fun—it’s incredibly fulfilling. She also likes making visiting pets feel comfortable in whatever way she can. Lisa and her four young children share their home with five cats and one crazy puppy named Sammich. The cats have even started training Lisa’s one-year-old to hiss and meow!

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Veterinary Technician

Mike grew up in Tucker County, West Virginia, where his mother ran a kennel and was also involved in the breeding and showing of dogs. For him, animal care is simply second nature! Now Mike serves pets every day as a Licensed Veterinary Technician here at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital.

Mike attended the Pima Medical Institute for his degree in veterinary technology. He completed his externship here at the hospital, then was hired on full-time in November of 2009. His professional interests include anesthesia, abdominal ultrasound, laparoscopy, and echocardiograms.

At home, Mike lives with a Yorkshire terrier named Booth and five uromastyx lizards: Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Siegel, John Gotti, and Whitey Bulger.

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Kennel Technician Supervisor

Sara has been passionate about animal care since she was a little girl. Ever since she can remember, she’s had a burning desire to take care of whatever creature crossed her path! Now she gets to do just that as an employee of Creature Comforts Animal Hospital.

A native of Las Vegas, Sara’s veterinary career began at a local grooming shop. She arrived here at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital in 2009 after a friend referred her to the clinic. Her favorite parts of the job are running blood work and interacting with new animal patients.

Sara and her fiancé, Jason, have five pets at home. There are two loveable dogs, Roxy and Jade, as well as a cat named Diamond. Two horses named Jelly Bean and Sweet Pea complete the animal family.

When she isn’t tending to the needs of pets around the clinic or spending time with her own animals, Sara enjoys hiking and trail riding with her fiancé.

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