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Kate Guiremand, DVM


Ever since she can remember, Dr. Kate Guiremand had a profound connection with animals. As a child, she was always bringing home injured birds and attempting to befriend wildlife, much to her mother’s dismay. This early passion for animal care naturally led her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, a field that allows her to be the voice for animals who cannot speak for themselves.

Dr. Guiremand was born in Laguna Hills, California, and grew up in Las Vegas, where she lived with her dog Finn, a spirited 6-year-old pit mix whom she rescued as a puppy. Finn’s favorite activity is playing with the hose, where he leaps and flips through the water with joy. If he wants to play, he’ll stand on her head until she turns on the hose!

Dr. Guiremand began her journey by earning a degree in Animal Science from Colorado State University (CSU), where she primarily worked with large animals. During her time at CSU, she volunteered at a therapeutic riding center. There, she saddled horses and prepared them for sessions, then walked beside them to support the riders. Witnessing the immediate, positive impact these animals had on the riders was a powerful reminder of the strength of the human-animal bond.

After graduating, Dr. Guiremand returned to her hometown of Las Vegas and joined Creature Comforts as a veterinary technician and assistant while she applied to veterinary schools. She was fortunate to attend Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts for her veterinary education, followed by completing her clinical rotations at Tufts University.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a veterinarian is being there for her patients throughout the different stages of their lives. She loves watching them grow and being a part of their journey, through the good times and the challenging ones.

Outside of work, Dr. Guiremand has a passion for traveling, scuba diving, reading, and gardening. Her interest in aquatic animals led her to work with sea turtles in St. Kitts and great white sharks in South Africa. During her time in St. Kitts, she even had sea turtle hatchlings living in her bathtub as she rehabilitated them, collecting fresh seawater for them daily.

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Kate Guiremand, DVM