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      • Robert KennedyRobert Kennedy

        Absolutely wonderful just like always. Our baby was attacked by 2 other dogs yesterday receiving severe puncture wounds but missed bones and vital organs. We called them saying we were on the way and they were ready as we walked through the door. She is resting on daddy's lap now.
        Always stellar customer service and genuine concern for the "children" of others.

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      • Pamela Lynn Ray-PorterPamela Lynn Ray-Porter

        Great place was a little expensive for a bandage $46

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      • Laura ChamberlainLaura Chamberlain

        Great place. They really love animals. Very knowledgeable and professional too.

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      • Brewster SwankeBrewster Swanke

        Dr. Paul is my favorite! She performed two surgeries on me, saw me at minimum of once a month during my puppy years (hey, it doesn't have to edible for me to consume it) and was very compassionate and concerned with pain management.

        Dr. Paul understood my breed (min-pin) and explained in depth how my personality is a factor in my unhealthy habits (like eating princess rings, rubber bands, whoopee cushions). She made sure, in spite of my tenacious breed that I was able to "just rest."

        She has always gone above and beyond explaining the options available and making sure the best possible solution was opted for, both cost effectively and health wise.

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      • Larissa CoehrsLarissa Coehrs

        i just love everythibg about the staff and what a great job they do

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      • Dennie FidlerDennie Fidler

        I took advantage of CREATURE COMFORTS free initial exam for my great Dane. They all were most gracious with their time. The doc sat down in the exam room with me and had a conversation about Lucky....I feel very comfortable with the staff and Dr.Tompkins. I've had great Danes for 50 years. Doc was happy to "discuss" care for lucky with me instead of "dictating" a plan. She took my experience to heart and nodded appropriately to the knowledge "I bring to the table." Their free initial exam came right when I was actively looking for a new vet. If I hadn't been looking I would have passed on the offer. Timing was just great, but even if you aren't looking for a new doctor, I recommend you meet & greet with them. I'm way down in Henderson, but I like them so much I will make the drive. After 50 years you can imagine how "jaded" I am about health care for my great danes.....CREATURE COMFORTS happily exceeded my expectations!🐕👌🐶

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      • Melinda HernandezMelinda Hernandez

        I absolutely love this place. They have been taking care of my puppy for 6 months now and I couldn't be happier. He never hesitates, he actually likes going to the vet. The wellness plan has made it so easy to get him the care he needs. Thank you Comfort Creatures!!!

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