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Should You Get a Second Cat?
August 15, 2015
Are you considering getting a second kitty? While we’ll admit that there are few things more adorable than two cats snuggled up together, you’ll need to think carefully before deciding to adopt another feline. In this article, a Centennial Hills, NV vet lists some things to consider before getting a second cat.


Expenses are one thing to think about. Cats can share many things, like beds and toys, so you won’t necessarily double your expenses by adopting another furball. There will be additional costs, however. You’ll go through more food and litter, and have additional veterinary expenses as well. Make sure your budget has room for another kitty!


Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment. Before deciding to bring another furball into your home, make sure that you’ll be able to care for Fluffy for her entire life. While jokes about our feline friend’s aloofness abound, the truth is that cats are very emotional, and can form very close bonds to their owners. It’s always best when a pet can go to a great forever home.


The ages of both cats will play a huge role in how well they get along. If your kitty is a dignified senior, she may not appreciate a frisky baby furball pouncing on her tail. On the other hand, if your resident cat is a baby herself, she may be intimidated or even bullied by an adult cat. The ideal situation is to get two kittens, so they can grow up together. However, two senior cats may be more interested in napping than in playing or fighting with each other. The trickiest combination is two adult cats. Actually, if Fluffy is a senior, consider getting two kittens: the little ones will play with each other, and may leave her in peace.

Moving Forward

If you’ve thought things over and all the lights are green, then go for it! Just make sure both kitties have the all-clear from your vet before allowing them to interact. When making introductions, take things slowly and carefully. First impressions are a big deal to kitties! Don’t be surprised if it takes time for your cats to adjust. Hopefully, with time and patience, your furballs will be become close pals! Please contact us, your local Centennial Hills, NV vet clinic, for all your veterinary care needs. We are here to help!
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