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Help Your Pudgy Cat to Regain His Fine Physique
July 1, 2015
Your orange tabby cat Zeus certainly knows how to strut his stuff. This striking six-year-old feline housemate swaggers through the house like a movie star parading before his adoring fans. He especially likes to turn on the charm for the feline and human ladies. However, your feline heartthrob has recently lost some of his appeal, probably because his muscular frame has gotten a bit paunchy. You don’t want his excess poundage to increase his risks for weight-related medical conditions. Tomorrow, your NW Las Vegas vet will give your portly housemate a physical exam and expert nutritional counseling.

Fat Felines Everywhere

Overweight cats have been popping up everywhere, and some felines are truly obese. Approximately 40 to 50 percent of spoiled cats nationwide have been affected. They’ve been chugging down too much food and reducing their physical exercise. These fur-covered slugs – including Zeus – have greater risks for soft-tissue injuries and osteoarthritis. The cats’ muscles, joints, and ligaments can also become overstressed.

Feline Carnivore Dilemma

Zeus’ carnivorous background drives him to hunt – and eat – tasty birds and mice. Since he’s an indoor cat, that behavior isn’t an option. You assumed that a commercial blend would contain your feline housemate’s needed nutrients. However, many mass-produced mixtures don’t include high-quality protein. Instead, the foods incorporate plant proteins, which your cat doesn’t metabolize as well as animal-derived proteins. In addition, he’s deficient in enzymes that enable him to metabolize surplus carbohydrates. Since his body doesn’t know what to do with the carbs, it simply stores them as fat. Your cat’s favorite treats are also packed with empty calories, more carbs, and flavor enhancers.

Pre-Program Health Check

First, the vet will rule out medical and/or metabolic conditions that could prevent Zeus from safely losing excess weight. After analyzing blood work and urinalysis results, she’ll choose the best course of action for your cat.

Weight Management Program

Hopefully, Zeus will get the green light for his weight management plan. The vet will likely choose a food designed for safe weight loss; and she might recommend a structured feeding schedule. Each day, give your sluggish cat plenty of vet-approved exercise. His body will gradually begin to shed that extra weight, putting him on a path to better health. If your cat should drop some pounds, contact your NW Las Vegas vet for expert assistance.
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