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Physical Therapies Pave the Way for Your Dog’s Recovery
June 15, 2015
Your border collie Lightning thrives on supercharged canine sports. He always enjoys vigorous fly-ball, and he excels on the agility course. He has recently taken a splash into doggie dock diving. Recently, however, Lightning has been fidgeting on the sidelines, mending from leg surgery. You know canine physical therapies can boost dogs’ recoveries. You’ve researched canine massage therapy and water therapy. Your Centennial Hills veterinarian will discuss how targeted physical therapies can help your dog become active again.

Innovative Physical Therapies

Your vet will manage Lightning’s physical therapy regimen. Although massage therapy and water therapy are widely available, other less-familiar modalities also benefit patients. Ask about veterinary acupuncture, heat and cold therapy, electrical therapy, ultrasound, and targeted stretching. Like humans, two dogs might experience different benefits from the same technique. Generally speaking, canine patients frequently see increased strength and mobility; and they might have decreased pain. Your dog might shed some pounds, an encouraging prospect since he has gotten somewhat pudgy from inactivity. A consistent physical therapy program can speed his return to many normal activities.

Soothing Therapeutic Massage

You’ve been pleased with your professional therapeutic massages. These beneficial treatments often provide stress relief, and they might even promote healing of injured tissues. Although you think Lightning will see similar results, he’s not available for comment. Currently, he’s sprawled on the massage table with a blissful grin on his face. Since your seven-year-old canine is a middle-aged pooch, he’s prone to age-related joint conditions. Therapeutic massages are also helpful here. You’ll find this treatment at some general veterinary practices, canine therapy centers, and specialty veterinary facilities. A limited number of locations provide targeted deep tissue massage.

Beneficial Water Therapies

Lightning would trade a bin full of dog treats for his warm-water therapy sessions. While he happily splashes in the pool, the water’s buoyancy provides a welcome cushion, allowing him to expand his range of motion. The liquid’s gentle resistance improves his blood circulation and strengthens his muscles. He’s even crazier about the underwater treadmill, as he can walk himself silly without stressing his muscles, bones, and joints. Although your happy pooch loves playing in the water, he’s also increasing his stamina and strength. He also enjoys praise from his dog-loving therapist. To see how your dog might benefit from targeted physical therapy, contact your Centennial Hills veterinarian for expert advice.
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