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Four Crucial Reasons to Microchip Your Pet
June 1, 2015
Does your furry pal have a microchip? If not, we strongly urge you to take care of this as soon as possible. Microchipping your beloved pet is one of the best things you can do to keep your furry pal safe if he is ever lost or runs away. The process itself is very simple, and is comparable to getting a shot. Your vet will inject the microchip, which is roughly the size of a grain of rice, under your pet’s skin, using a hypodermic needle. In this article, a local NW Las Vegas vet lists five important reasons to get your pet microchipped.

The Numbers

Pets that have been microchipped have a much, much greater chance at being reunited with their owners if they are ever lost or run away. While we hope this never happens to our clients, the numbers are sobering. One in three pets will get lost or run away during their lifetime. Only 22 percent of dogs, and 2 percent of cats return home. However, out of those pets that do find their way back, over half are microchipped!


If your beloved pet is ever lost or stolen, a microchip may be the only way you can prove ownership. Tags and collars are great, but they are very easy for thieves to remove.

Things Happen

Even if you have every intention of keeping your pet secure, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Yard gates can be left open, dogs can dig under fences or climb over them, and cats can dash out through open doors. By microchipping your pet, you’re preparing for these situations in advance.


We’re fully expecting microchips to become integrated with other technology within the next few years. GPS tracking and medical record storage are a few examples of things we may see combined with microchip technology in the near future. Actually, there are already doggy doors that work with microchips! Remember to keep your records up to date! Microchipping your pet won’t help if you don’t keep your information current in the database. We also recommend having your vet check the microchip annually, to be sure it’s still working properly. Does your pet need a microchip implanted? Contact us now! As your local NW Las Vegas vet clinic, we are here to assist with all your pet’s veterinary care needs.
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