Keeping Your Pet Cool in Summer

Summer’s almost here! As the thermostat climbs and hot weather approaches, you’ll need to be careful not to let your pet overheat. Below, a NW Las Vegas vet gives some helpful tips for keeping your furry pal cool during those sweltering ‘dog days’ of summer.

Know Warning Signs

Make sure you know the warning signs of heat exhaustion. Heavy panting, difficulty breathing, raised heart and respiratory rates, drooling, and mild weakness are some of the early symptoms. More severe indications include seizures, vomiting, lethargy, and bloody diarrhea. Take your pet to a vet immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.

Car Safety

Sadly, every year animals and children are hurt or even killed by heat stroke after being locked in stifling cars. Part of the reason for this may be that many don’t realize just how fast a car can become deadly on hot days. In some cases, it may only take a few minutes! Never, ever lock a pet in a hot car!


Make sure your furbaby has an unlimited supply of fresh, clean water. On really hot days, add ice cubes to the water to keep it cool.

Keep Furbabies Indoors

Fido and Fluffy already have fur coats on: they’ll be much more comfortable in a cool room than outdoors. Try to avoid walking dogs during the sweltering part of the day. If Fido’s gotta go, he’s gotta go, but try to schedule most of his walks for mornings or evenings.


Who wants to wear extra fur on a sweltering day? Brushing your pet’s coat will remove extra hair and tangles, and will maximize the insulating properties of that pretty fur.


For a frozen snack your pooch will love, fill an ice cube tray with a mixture of water and low-sodium chicken broth, and put a doggy treat in each slot. Pop it in the freezer, and dole out these frozen goodies on hot days.

Raised Bed

A raised pet bed will allow for air circulation beneath the bed, which will ultimately keep your furball cooler.

Paw Pads

On super hot days, try putting a cool, damp washcloth on your furball’s paw pads. Your pet might be in complete bliss!

Do you have any questions about your pet’s health, care, or behavior? Contact us, your local NW Las Vegas vet clinic, for all of your veterinary care needs!

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