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Basic Guinea Pig Care
April 15, 2015
Are you looking for a small pet that is easy to care for but lots of fun? A Guinea pig, or cavy, may be the perfect match for you. These adorable little furballs have many wonderful qualities. They are gentle, very cute, relatively inexpensive, and adorable to watch. Some of them can even learn some really cute tricks! In this article, your Centennial Hills veterinarian goes over basic Guinea pig care.


First and foremost, you’ll need to get your cavy a suitable habitat. Your little pal will spend a lot of time in his home, so make sure it’s big enough to be comfortable. We recommend getting a cage that is at least 7.5 square feet for one cavy. Of course, you can get two furballs if you prefer. You’d need about 13.5 square feet for two. Make sure the cage has a solid bottom, as wire will hurt your pet’s little feet.


You’ll need to add substrate to your cavy’s cage. There are several options when it comes to substrates. Avoid pine or cedar-based substrates, as these can cause respiratory issues in little animals. Paper-based substrates, such as newspaper pellets, work well. You can also use soft cloths, towels, or newspaper.


Your little buddy will need food and water dishes. Make sure to add at least one hidey-hole. You may find your pet loves cozies, which are basically miniature sleeping bags made of a soft material, like fleece. Guinea pigs are very curious and playful, so you’ll want to provide your pet with plenty of toys to keep him amused. Many of your furball’s toys should be made of a chewable material, like wood or cardboard.


Pellets will work for your tiny furball’s main meals. You’ll need to provide fresh fruits and veggies as a supplement, and to round out the little one’s menu. Make sure to give your cavy foods that contain Vitamin C, as this is essential to Guinea pig health. Like any other animals, these cuties love treats! Bits of egg and cooked meat or cheese are a few suitable snack options. Last but not least, you’ll need to provide your cavy with fresh hay. Do you have any questions about caring for your Guinea pig? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. As your Centennial Hills vet clinic, we are here to serve all your veterinary care needs.
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