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Kitten Care Basics
March 1, 2015
Is your household expanding to include a kitten? Congratulations on your new arrival! You’re embarking on this long and wonderful journey of friendship with your new four-legged pal. Your furbaby will grow up fast, but while she’s still a baby, she’ll need a lot of looking after. In this article, your local NW Las Vegas veterinarian goes over some tips for kitten care.


Kitty has a lot of growing to do in her first few months. A solid nutritional plan will start her out on the right paw by promoting healthy growth. Kitten-formula cat food is best at first, as it contains additional nutrients little furballs need to grow up healthy. You can choose wet or dry food, or both. Just be sure to keep baby Fluffy on kitten food until she is about a year old.


Little Fluffy is going to spend a lot of time sleeping. All that growing can wear a tiny furball out! Your baby cat might sleep as much as 18 hours a day! Make sure your furbaby has warm, comfy places where she can sleep peacefully. Kittens love to cuddle with their owners. We know you can’t be cat furniture all the time, but indulge the little one as much as you reasonably can. That safe, loved feeling she gets when she’s snuggled up on you for a nap will really strengthen the bond between you.


We recommend getting a small litterbox to start. Kittens generally don’t need much, if any training, beyond being shown where the bathroom is. Avoid clumping litters while little Fluffy is still a baby, as these can be harmful if ingested.


This is the fun part! Your furry little friend will be a bouncing ball of energy. Make sure you provide lots of fun toys! Encourage good manners from the start, so you don’t have to retrain a spoiled adult cat later. Offering a scratching post to teach proper scratching habits, and discourage play-fighting. It might be cute when your kitten pounces on your feet now, but this will rapidly lose its appeal as your furball grows. Don’t forget to kitten-proof!

Veterinary Care

Follow your vet’s recommended schedules for shots, examinations, and spay/neuter surgery. We love watching animals grow from adorable babies to healthy adults! Please contact us, your NW Las Vegas vet clinic, for your kitten’s veterinary care needs.
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