Getting Fido Ready for Summer

Summer is on the way! Many of our canine buddies love spending time outdoors in warm weather. Watching Fido running and playing on a sunny afternoon can be lots of fun! Read on for some great tips on keeping your pup happy and healthy this summer.

Preventative Care

If you like to take Fido out and about with you, or enjoy taking your pup to dog parks, get a doggy kit ready for your car. You’ll want to include plastic baggies, collapsible dishes or a doggy water bottle and dispenser, treats, a first aid kit, an extra leash, a towel, and copies of your pet’s paperwork. Make sure that your four-legged pal is up-to-date on important vaccinations, such as rabies shots. Parasite control is also very important. As the weather heats up, fleas, ticks, and heartworms will become a serious problem. These parasites can be very dangerous! Ask your vet for specific information.


If your four-legged pal has a thick coat, he may need a haircut before the weather gets hot. Be sure to consult your vet, though: Fido’s grooming needs will depend on what kind of coat he has. In summer, many of our canine friends also benefit from regular brushings. This will get the dead fur and dander out of your pet’s coat, helping him stay cooler.

Paw Care

Dogs can get painful burns and abrasions from running around on hot tar or asphalt. Use paw balm or wax to protect Fido’s furry feet, and try to keep him on soft grass. If your pooch likes the water, take extra care with him after he’s been swimming. Dogs’ paws are very delicate when they are wet.

Yard Prep

Does your canine companion have a yard to patrol? If so, keep Fido in mind when you are doing yardwork. If your pup has a doghouse, make sure to clean it regularly. Fleas and ticks thrive in damp, shady, and overgrown areas. Keeping your lawn and hedges trimmed, and getting rid of dead leaves and branches, will help keep these unwanted critters away. Remove any potentially-dangerous items, and make sure your furry pal always has fresh water and shade when he’s outdoors. We also recommend checking your fencing, to be sure it’s secure.

Do you have any questions about your dog’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your local animal hospital, anytime.

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